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Meet the Staff of Hurricane Car Lot Inc.

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Francisco Pimentel - Vehicle Diagnostic Crew Director

435-635-4707 - Francisco@hurricanecarlot.com

Hi! My name is Francisco! The reason why I love being a mechanic so much is because every time I work on a car and repair it to the customers needs or likes, I have the privilege of being able to know our customers can drive away with a smile on their face. My hobbies include producing art, exploring music and learning or experiencing new cultures. Having the ability to mix all of my hobbies into one is what I do best! Being able to provide my customers with satisfactory work is what I look forward to on a daily basis.

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Samantha Jocelyn - Sales/Title Clerk

435-635-4707 - samantha@hurricanecarlot.com

I am Samantha and I sell used cars, hahaha funny right, I know! The thing I love most about selling used cars is that there is no pressure. I am not your typical "salesperson." I want to assist you in finding the car that is right for you, not just push you into any car. I like to create relationships with my customers so that they feel comfortable with me and will return in the future. 

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Kandace - Accountant/ Human Resources

435-635-4707 - kandace@hurricanecarlot.com

Kandace has worked here since 2010. She is the funnest, spunkiest person you will ever meet. She has so many job titles here that we can't begin to list them all. She is currently attending Dixie State University going for her accounting degree. In her spare time she runs a tax preparation office, shops and maintains a family of 7! We don't know how she does it, but she does!

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Keith A Stout - Shop Manager

435-635-4707 - Keith@hurricanecarlot.com

Keith Stout has lived in Hurricane most of his life, having been born and raised here.  He enjoys mostly his family and working and as such he has arranged to do both of these at the same time.  He does manage to squeeze in some time for flying, fishing and hiking.  He speaks Spanish so poorly that it is embarrassing but, he is still working on it.  His favorite form of transportation is a moped. 

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Terance Goodspeed - Office Manager

435-635-4707 - t.stout@hurricanecarlot.com

Terance moved to Hurricane from Salt Lake City in 2001. She Graduated from Hurricane High and Dixie State University. She started working at Hurricane Car Lot in 2004. 

Her hobbies include: Gardening, Mountain Biking, Snow Boarding, and Traveling. 

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